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Types of Coffee Drinks in Cafes and How to Make Them Correctly

Types of Coffee Drinks in Cafes and How to Make Them Correctly

There are many types of coffee drinks nowadays. The reason is, coffee drinks have become a friend for many people hanging out in cafes or coffee shops. In the past, coffee may have been a drink that was synonymous with older people, but now coffee has become a drink that is very popular with young people.

Coffee is now not just for eliminating sleepiness. Consuming coffee has become a trend and lifestyle for young people. It’s no wonder you can find so many coffee shops around you.

This type of coffee drink has many flavors with different mixing methods. Various coffee shops also seem to be competing to offer products with coffee flavors that their customers like. In fact, it is not uncommon for coffee shops to offer products with the typical Indonesian coffee taste which is very popular.


This type of coffee drink is pure coffee without using any ingredients such as milk or sugar. Espresso is a type of coffee drink that is becoming known in Italy. Espresso is made with a special brewing machine.

The way to make it is that coffee beans are placed in a brewing machine, then water is flowed under high pressure. This process produces coffee extract. This most basic type of coffee drink is usually served in a special espresso cup measuring 30 milliliters to 118 milliliters. Espresso has a thick and bitter texture, with white foam on top which is formed from the pressure of the oil in the coffee beans.


Basically americano is the same type of coffee drink as espresso, but uses more water. So the taste of the coffee is not too thick and not too strong.

An Americano consists of one shot of espresso poured into a 178 milliliter cup mixed with hot water until it fills the glass. This type of coffee drink is delicious eaten hot or cold.


This type of coffee drink consists of espresso mixed with black coffee. This type of coffee is usually more popular as ‘coffee with espresso’. In some countries this type of coffee has other names such as ‘black eye’, ‘a shot in the dark’ and ‘eye opener’.


Unlike Americano, this type of coffee drink uses less water. The name ristretto comes from Italian which means “limited”.

This type of coffee drink is often referred to as half espresso because the water used is limited and the volume of coffee produced by ristretto is only half that of espresso. Ristretto is more intense, short and sweet. Even so, the press time for making ristretto is the same as espresso.


This type of latte coffee drink can be said to be the safest drink for those of you who don’t really like coffee. Latte is coffee mixed with milk. The original name comes from Italian, namely cafe latte, which means coffee with milk.

In fact, the composition of this latte contains more milk than coffee. Lattes usually use a 2:1 ratio of espresso and milk. Therefore, the taste of the coffee is not that strong. Apart from offering a delicious taste, lattes are usually served in cups with beautiful motifs on them or what many call latte art and follow us for more

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