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This is a decoration idea for a Sweet17 event, simple and elegant

This is a decoration idea for a Sweet17 event, simple and elegant

Turning 17 years old for some people is an important thing and should be celebrated. Age 17 represents the line of change from adolescence to young adulthood. At that age, you can register and apply for an ID card which will expand your reach in doing more things. Including having a driving license.

It’s not surprising if you have the desire to celebrate by holding a Sweet Seventeen party with your family and other closest people. Haven’t found the right decoration idea for your party? Here are some recommendations for sweet seventeen party decoration themes according to clowns for birthday parties.

Attractive Decorations for Sweet Seventeen Birthday Parties

There are many forms of decoration or themes that can be applied to a birthday party, especially a sweet seventeen party. Generally, birthday celebrations at this age tend to be more about expressing gratitude and freedom.

Use the Monochrome Concept

The first idea is the use of a monochrome color concept. Monochrome here means you use black and white, either both or one of them. Apart from giving a simpler impression, the use of monochrome colors is also synonymous with a person’s maturity. Even though everything is monochrome, you can still add additional touches such as gold or silver.

Touch of Gold Color

If you personally prefer an elegant and ‘expensive’ impression, choosing decoration with a touch of gold is suitable for you. The touch of gold here is not complete, but rather the dominant color and combination which will make your birthday party give a more special impression.

Pastel Color Theme

If you are a soft person, want to give a party that looks beautiful and neat, a pastel color theme could be the right choice. Pastel colors themselves are often interpreted as a symbol of softness, calm and peace.

80’s and 90’s style party decorations

Want to try something different that will definitely impress all your invited guests? You can choose to use 80/90s style party decorations. From the arrangement of furniture, the colors highlighted, the music, to the lighting at the party, it shows the uniqueness of that year. Including a fashion theme in your clothes.

Summer Party

Holding an outdoor party can implement the idea of a summer party by presenting a BBQ party, casual clothes, and things related to summer. The menu choices you serve at the party can also be adjusted to a typical summer party menu, various juices, cocktails, and others.

Flower Party Decoration

Apart from choosing a color theme, special decorations can also be part of a special idea for a 17th birthday party. Such as flower decoration by applying beautiful flowers in various parts of the party room. Likewise with birthday cake designs.

This flower pary is more suitable for girls’ Sweet Seventeen parties who are known to have a soft and feminine character.

Favorite Things Party

Another idea is to create a party with a theme related to your favorite things. For example, relating to a band that you currently like, relating to certain animated characters, and other things that we have liked or have liked for a long time, or recently.

Even though it’s easy at first glance, planning a Sweet17 party is quite a tough and tiring task, you know. You definitely want to throw a party that will give a special impression to you and your invited guests. Apart from choosing an idea and theme, you also have to make sure the execution process runs smoothly, according to your wishes.

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