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Popular Alcoholic Drinks from South Korea, Not Just Soju

Popular Alcoholic Drinks from South Korea, Not Just Soju

When you hear the word soju, what comes to your mind? Most people will answer that soju is a type of alcoholic drink from Korea. It turns out that soju is not the only type of alcoholic drink originating from Korea according to website.

1. Soju

We have heard about this drink very often. For Korean people, Soju is very suitable to be served with various other types of food. So it’s not surprising that soju is considered a delicious staple food to consume at night.

However, be careful when drinking Soju because Soju contains 19-25% alcohol content, which means the alcohol content in Soju is higher when compared to the alcohol content in beer and wine.

2. Makgeolli

Makgeolli is an alcoholic drink from Korea that has been around since ancient times. Even though it is quite old, this drink is still popular in Korea. In fact, in recent years makgeolli has become popular among young Koreans.

3. Maeshilju

Maeshilji is an alcoholic drink from Korea that has a sweet taste. This drink is made from fermented green plums and added with brown sugar or honey. The alcohol percentage of this drink is 14%.

4. Sansachun

Koreans believe that sansachun has a calming, therapeutic effect. Even though the smell of this drink is not pleasant, the taste of sansachun itself is quite delicious. This drink is made from fermented red fruit and contains 14% alcohol.

5. Bokbunja

Bokbunja has a strong sweet taste, this is because bokbunja is made from blackberries. If you want to buy bokbunja you have to be willing to spend around 6,000 won. The alcohol content in bokbunja is 15-19%. In fact, in Korea itself, bokbunja has been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels and sperm count for men. This drink is also suitable for women who don’t like the taste of soju.

6. Baekseju

Baekseju has been produced in Korea since the 17th century. Almost all beef dishes are delicious when paired with baesekju. This drink is also one of the most expensive alcohol in Korea because each bottle of baesekju is priced at 8,000 won. The alcohol content in baesekju is 15%.

7. Dongdongju

Dongdongju is a type of makgeolli. The difference between these two drinks lies in the filtering process, where for makgeolli there are no more rice particles in it, while dongdongju will still have rice particles in it. One bottle of dongdong is also priced at 4,000 won.

8. Cheongju

The meaning of cheongju is clear liquor. This drink is made from clear Korean rice wine. This drink is almost similar to soju but there are slight differences in the fermentation process. Bondan, Use and Masam are three special regions in Korea that are known for their cheongju production.

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