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Types of Models Used in Swimming Sports

Types of Models Used in Swimming Sports

There are four types of styles that are often used or competed in, namely free type, chest type or frog type, back type, and butterfly style or dolphin style. Each type of model has its own characteristic movements. Come on, let’s find out together:

1. Free Type (Freestyle/ Front Crawl)

The free style is a style that was first used by swimmers in prehistoric times. It is predicted that a thousand years before Christ, in Assyria the free model was used.

This type is the first type given in the swimming sports curriculum. This type is known to be efficient and effective because the swimmer’s movements are faster. However, the free type involves almost all parts of the body to participate in movement. bear athlon

The free type is not tied to certain movements. However, the prerequisites for doing so are few.

Tricks do free type:

You stand on the edge of the pool to move.
After shooting, position your chest and face facing the water.
Move your feet like kicking your feet from top to bottom and bottom to top continuously. Make sure your feet are parallel to the water.
Move your hands alternately left and right like someone pedaling.
You can take a breath by looking to the left or right. So that you take in a lot of oxygen and your mouth is not covered in water, when you take a breath, make sure your mouth is positioned on the surface of the water.

2. Chest Style or Frog Type (Breaststroke)

In the early 19th century, in several military schools the types given in swimming were breaststroke and freestyle. So these two types are often referred to as school style. As the name suggests, this type of movement is similar to how a frog swims. For relaxed conditions such as picnics, breast models are often chosen. However, this type is also contested in swimming championships.

The steps for doing this type of frog are:

a. After you have finished driving, keep your chest and head facing the water.
b. Open both slices by kicking out.
c. Open both hands to the side so that the water can split so that the body can slide faster in front.
d. When the hand movement is complete, both legs kick the water out like a frog’s legs kicking water.
e. The legs and arms are moved alternately. When the legs move, the hands remain in a flat position in front. When the hands move, the feet stay still and slide backwards.

3. Back Model (Backstroke)

It is called the back type because your back is placed in the water. This means that the chest and face are placed upwards. In this position, it will be easier for you to open your eyes and breathe. So the risk is that the swimmer cannot see the target easily, because it is behind the swimmer.

The movement of the back model is actually almost the same as the free model. But the direction is the opposite. In the free style, the chest faces the water, therefore in the back style, the back faces the water. The type of back is slightly different from other styles. If you do the other type of start it is above the pool, while the back type start starts from the pool.

The steps for swimming using the back type are:

a. Position the boar’s body in the water.
b. Jumped in that position. After that, alternately, move both hands from behind the head towards the waist. To increase speed, hand movements are conditioned to pedaling.
c. Feet kick the water from top to bottom alternately.
d. Do it calmly. Not only that, the body is also required to be flexible and not stiff.

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