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The Greatest Spa Places in the World

The Greatest Spa Places in the World

In today’s era, it has become an important matter for many women. Complete treatments ranging from massage, soaking, sauna, to enjoying a healthy food menu at the end of the week are the activities that women dream of so they can get a fresh body and mind after struggling with various daily tasks.

For this reason, many special hotels or spas in various countries equip their facilities with the most complete spa treatments and several quality stretching programs. Starting from traditional therapists using natural ingredients, providing treatments with advanced technology, to preparing healthy food menus for the guests. boisemicrobladingandlashes.com

1.Ila Spa, RAAS Devigarh, Rajasthan, India

Ila Spa, located at the RAAS Devigarh hotel, Rajashtan, India, is popular for its traditional and environmentally friendly therapeutic treatments. They take some of their ingredients directly from the wild in India.

One of them is salt from Himalayan caves which contains more than 84 minerals. This salt is useful for cleansing the body, balancing hormones, helping those of you who have trouble sleeping soundly, and for reducing muscle tension in the body.

Ila Spa also offers a spiritual journey called Devi Blessings, which is a package of nine personal treatments with a duration of 2 hours designed to calm the adrenaline and recalibrate all the nervous structures in the body. Not only that, Ila Spa completes your relaxation trip in India by preparing a variety of healthy food menus.

2.Ayasofya Hurrem Hamami, Istanbul, Türkiye

This place is a hammam or traditional Turkish bath that will help you relax your muscles after a long day of activities. Ayasofya Hurrem Hamami is beautifully designed to resemble the houses of several Turkish Sultans. The marble floors, wall carvings and roofs typical of Turkish buildings give the impression of tranquility and are ready to delight your eyes when you are there.

First, you will do a sauna-like treatment in the hot room for approximately 15-30 minutes. Next, you will enter the next stage, namely cleaning your body in the living room with several officers who are ready to serve you.
Next, you will enjoy a relaxing bubble bath and a typical Turkish head and back massage that will make you feel the perfect stretching effect.

3.Capri Palace, Capri, Italy

This Neapolitan Palazzo building from the 18th century has been converted into a place for relaxing recreation. Having a minimalist shape and all white, Capri Palace gives a different impression of tranquility than usual spa places.
Capri Palace offers treatments with the Pioneer Beauty Farm pioneered by Mytha SPA. You will get a holistic spa experience that combines western and eastern practices based on clinical and scientific methodology.

The treatments offered can be synchronized with each other’s interests. You can choose from weight loss treatments, detox, to anti-aging and depression management. Apart from that, the spa menu provided is varied, starting with revitalizing massages, thalassotherapy, mud treatments and traditional beauty treatments.

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