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CMP Complaints Against Vape Companies: FDA Takes Action

In a significant move, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken enforcement action against four vape manufacturers for their violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act’s premarket review requirements. The FDA has filed civil money penalty (CMP) complaints against these companies, namely VapEscape, Great American Vapes, Vapor Corner, and 13 Vapor. This marks the first time the FDA has initiated CMP complaints against tobacco product manufacturers. The violations pertain to the manufacturing and sale of e-liquids without obtaining marketing authorization from the FDA.

Understanding the Violations

Under the FD&C Act, it is strictly illegal to manufacture, sell, or distribute e-liquids in the United States without proper authorization from the FDA. Each of the targeted companies had previously been warned by the FDA regarding the violation of premarket requirements for tobacco products. The companies were informed that failure to address these violations could result in enforcement actions, such as the filing of CMP complaints. However, despite the agency’s warnings, these companies continued to manufacture and sell their unauthorized e-liquids to consumers.

Brian King, the director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, emphasized the agency’s commitment to holding manufacturers accountable for producing and selling illegal tobacco products. He stated, “We are prepared to use the full scope of our authorities to enforce the law—especially against those who have continued to violate the law after being warned by the agency.”

Implications of the CMP Complaints

The FD&C Act sets the maximum CMP amount at $19,192 for a single violation related to tobacco products. In line with this provision, the FDA is seeking the statutory maximum penalty in each of the four cases against the aforementioned companies. Upon receiving CMP complaints, the targeted companies have several options. They can choose to pay the penalty, enter into a settlement agreement, request an extension of time to respond to the complaint, or file an answer and request a hearing. However, if these companies fail to take appropriate action within 30 days of receiving the complaint, they risk facing a default order that imposes the full penalty amount.

Comprehensive Enforcement Approach

The FDA’s recent enforcement activities, including the filing of CMP complaints, are part of a comprehensive strategy to actively identify violations and deter illegal conduct within the tobacco product industry. Brian King stated, “These actions should be a wakeup call that all vape product manufacturers—big or small—are required to obey the law.” This strong stance emphasizes the agency’s commitment to upholding regulations and ensuring the safety and integrity of tobacco products available in the market.


The FDA’s filing of civil money penalty complaints against four tobacco product manufacturers for unauthorized manufacturing and sale of e-liquids underscores the agency’s dedication to enforcing the FD&C Act’s premarket review requirements. By taking decisive action against violators, the FDA aims to hold manufacturers accountable and protect consumers from potentially harmful products. The filing of these CMP complaints serves as a reminder to all tobacco product manufacturers that compliance with the law is essential for the well-being of both the industry and its consumers.


1. What are civil money penalties (CMP) complaints? CMP complaints are legal actions filed by regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, to enforce penalties against individuals or companies that violate specific regulations or laws.

2. Why did the FDA file CMP complaints against the targeted companies? The FDA filed CMP complaints against the targeted companies because they were manufacturing and selling e-liquids without obtaining marketing authorization, which is a violation of the FD&C Act’s premarket review requirements.

3. What penalties do the targeted companies face? Under the FD&C Act, the maximum CMP amount for a single violation relating to tobacco products is $19,192. The FDA is seeking the statutory maximum penalty in each of the four cases.

4. Can the targeted companies contest the CMP complaints? Yes, the targeted companies have the option to file an answer and request a hearing to contest the CMP complaints filed against them.

5. How does the FDA aim to deter illegal conduct within the tobacco product industry? The FDA adopts a comprehensive approach that involves actively identifying violations and taking enforcement actions, such as filing CMP complaints, to deter illegal conduct. These actions send a clear message that all tobacco product manufacturers must comply with the law.

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